How Dental Office Cleanliness Affects Your Treatments

When we opened our practice, it was with the idea of creating a dental practice that centers on giving patients the best service possible.  Like other dentists, we understand the value of modern technologies and the most advanced dental methods.  However, dental treatments such as CEREC, dentures, implants, Invisalign, orthodontics, root canals, veneers, and teeth whitening can only be successful if they are performed in a sterile environment.  Cleanliness is at the foundation of safe dentistry.

Victor Rosales and the staff at Arrow Smile Dental maintain the highest levels of cleanliness to ensure that each dental procedure is not compromised by cross contamination.

Instrument Cleaning

Dental instruments are used in hundreds of patients before being replaced.  To protect patients from being introduced to bacteria, viruses, and disease the CDC has created guidelines for the cleaning and disinfection of instruments.  To meet (and in many cases exceed) this standard we make use of cleaning solutions like ultrasonic cleaners, sterile bags & trays as well as handwashing and glove protocols.

A Clean Dental Office Is A Safer Practice

Arrow Smile Dental takes its responsibility towards patient safety seriously.  Every year thousands of patients are introduced to diseases due to practices not following sterilization protocols.  One way that you can protect yourself is by visiting and touring a dental office before you give them your business.  Ask questions about the treatment that you are seeking and check to see how the staff handles themselves.  Remember, dental procedures typically involve exposure to bodily fluids—how a practice approaches cleanliness can have a direct effect on your long-term health.

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