Root Canals

Root canals are usually associated with a lot of discomfort and pain.  However, the majority of what is typically related about root canals is false.  In truth, root canals are one of the most efficient methods to restore teeth that are being overrun with decay.  The procedure is among the most common utilized by dentists all over the world.  Dr. Rosales is an expert in preforming comfortable root canals on patients of all sensitivities.  In fact, the office of Arrow Smile Dental is designed to help patients to relax, while they receive treatment.  Our staff understands how to preform treatments in a clean, fast, and safe manner.  This is especially true of our root canal procedures.

Covina Root Canal FAQs

Have questions about root canals?  No problem.  Here are some of the common questions about the procedure that we’ve received from Covina patients.

Q: What is a root canal?

A: When a tooth is decaying, bacteria sometimes infects the nerve at the root of the tooth.  The preserve the tooth the nerve must be removed along with the decayed tooth pulp.  This process is known as a root canal.  Dentists clean the tooth after the nerve and pulp is excavated and finally seal the tooth from further damage.

Q: Is it better to just have the tooth removed than to have a root canal?

A: No. It is usually best to retain ones natural teeth.  Dental technologies have advanced tremendously; however, the physiology of natural teeth is unique.  The largest range of dental function is only available via natural teeth.  All other replacement material has drawbacks and will eventually need replacement.

Q: Are root canals painful?

A: Root canals actually remove pain because the nerve that causes pain sensitivity is removed.  Additionally, during the procedure we use an assortment of sedatives, anesthetics, technologies, and methods to greatly reduce patient pain.

Patients undergoing root canals generally have the affected area of the mouth numbed by a strong anesthetic.  After the target area is aestheticized, the treatment begins.  After the procedure, our patients frequently remark that the procedure was easier than they imagined.

At Arrow Smile Dental, we utilize root canals when they present good strategies to improve the long-term dental health of our patients.  Rest assured that if a root canal is necessary it will strengthen your oral health.