Orthodontic Dentistry

bracesinvisalignOrthodontics is specialty field of dentistry that comprises our dental practice at Arrow Smile Dental. “Orthodontics” is a combination of the two Greek words orthos and odons, which mean straight/proper and teeth. This dental specialty addresses the irregularities in the jaws and the treatment for misaligned teeth. In modern times, there has been a dramatic change in the age of individuals seeking orthodontic treatments.  Formerly the majority of patients were pre-teens and teens, but now up to 30% of the people seeking orthodontics treatment are adults.  Much of this is due to advanced dental technologies and methods that are less painful and noticeable during treatment.

When your teeth are well-aligned, you can enjoy a more beautiful smile, clearer speech, improved oral hygiene and easier cleaning. The procedure is effective for patients of all ages, but it is recommended by the American Dental Association that kids aged seven should be taken to an orthodontics specialist for an initial examination. It is easier and faster to resolve any problems when they are identified in the early stages of life.

Modern & Traditional Braces

bracesArrow Smile Dental utilizes state-of-the-art materials and orthodontic technologies that enable us to help patients quickly and more effectively than traditional methods.  Here are a few material updates that make orthodontics different from what many think of:

  • Stainless steel is not the only material being used for orthodontic wires anymore
  • Braces are more efficient and smaller
  • Heat-activated wires are available and they come in nickel, copper, cobalt and titanium alloys.
  • The newer wire materials enable the movement of teeth during some phases of the treatment thus increasing patient comfort and significantly reducing pain
  • Arrow Smile Dental patient make fewer visits to have the wires adjusted than patients of traditional orthodontic methods


invisalignWith Invisalign® treatments, a set of aligners are placed which will need to be switched every other week. Every aligner is custom created according to specific calculations in order to gradually set your teeth straight. You are sure to achieve a straight and fitting smile because the Invisalign® procedure is tailored to suit you.

Once we initially evaluate and approve you for Invisalign, you will be fitted with your first series of aligning trays. Your teeth are realigned over time once the aligners have been fitted over your teeth. This method is great for those suffering from spacing, crowding, crossbite, underbite, and overbite.

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