Wisdom Teeth, Invisalign & Braces

One situation that some patients in Covina face is dealing with wisdom when they need or want orthodontic treatment.  Dr. Victor Rosales recommends that patients address wisdom teeth to protect their orthodontic investment—particularly if wisdom teeth are impacted.  Years of orthodontic treatment can be wasted when impacted wisdom teeth push against adjacent teeth.  Yet, the question remains: When should wisdom teeth be extracted and what other dental consideration come into play?

Timing of Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Timing Wisdom Teeth ExtractionAs with many dental decisions, the best time to remove wisdom teeth when one is considering orthodontic treatment is determined on a case by case basis.  Oral situations differ greatly among patients.  For instance, one patient’s situation may call for wisdom tooth extraction before any orthodontic treatment is possible.  Others can wait until after orthodontic treatment has been applied and run its course.  Your dentist will examine which strategy will produce the best results for your dental case.

Another consideration is the age and dental health of the patient.  Wisdom tooth extractions usually are easier in younger patients and the removal site typically heals faster in youth.  Dealing with wisdom teeth earlier in life often prevents oral problems like abscesses, cysts, infections, and tumors.  Hence, removing wisdom teeth before getting braces or Invisalign treatments can be advantageous.

Choosing whether to have your wisdom teeth removed before or after orthodontic procedures should not be left to chance.  It is better to get the opinion of a dental professional after they have performed a thorough examination of your teeth.  The team at Arrow Smile Dental has assisted hundreds of patients with making sound decisions regarding orthodontic treatment.  We use the most advanced dental technologies to gain insights in to how wisdom teeth are affecting your oral health.

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