Understanding Root Canals (Endodontics)

When we recommend a root canal, we always reassure you with three basic facts. First, root canals are one of our most common dental procedures, and our team is well qualified in executing them perfectly. Second, we always utilize modern dentistry tech when performing root canals, which enables us to provide painless service to our patients. Moreover, third, after we perform your root canal, your dental health will be significantly improved. Root canal procedures relieve patients of several aches, pains, and related discomforts. Arrow Smile Dental offers a full-range of endodontic (root canal) services to Covina and Northridge residents including endodontic therapy, endodontic re-treatments, and root canal surgery.

Why Is the Procedure Needed?

In most cases, tooth infections form at the base or root of the tooth. Teeth are designed with a small opening in their roots for blood vessels and nerves. When infections occur, a tooth’s nerve sense alert you to the problem and pain ensues. If the infection goes untreated, deeper decay will occur, and the infection may grow into an abscess. Abscesses cause loss of bone in the jaw.

What Happens During The Procedure?

Right before treatment begins, the area around the tooth is numbed so that a pain-free procedure can follow. Next, we will make a tiny hole at the top of the tooth to access its root canal below. Once the opening is complete, we can identify any infected or dead material inside the tooth and remove it.

After the bad substances are gone, it is vital to prevent a re-occurrence of the infection. Subsequently, a thorough cleansing of the infection site is in necessary. Measurements are taken to get the cleaning and future filling of the tooth correct. Special cleaning solutions are then introduced to the root to kill any remaining bacteria.

In the final stage of a root canal, the canal and removed pulp are replaced with a bio-compatible agent that will help to strengthen and protect the tooth. Lastly, a cap or crown is bonded to the top of the tooth to close off the excavation point. The dental crown also enables your tooth to resume normal functionality.

After the Root Canal

Once the root canal is completed, you may feel some slight soreness over the next couple of days. This is a typical reaction, and mild pain medication can relieve this. In some cases, we may prescribe a pain medication or an antibiotic after the procedure.

Some tend to think that general dentistry addresses only the most basic forms of dental procedures. However, general dentistry involves much more. “Basic” general dental procedures include:

You probably would not want just any general dentist to perform any of the procedures listed above on you. Most likely, you’d want the best.

Victor Rosales and the team at Arrow Smile Dental pride themselves on using the most efficient and effective dental techniques available. We are a forward-thinking practice that enjoys helping patients prevent dental problems.

Once you arrive, you can expect professional service that is inviting and sincere. Our team prides itself on taking dentistry to the next level.

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