Holiday Smiles

December is known for the holiday season when family and friends get together to enjoy each other’s company.  Many pictures are taken and special moments remembered.  Nevertheless, some are reluctant to be a part of such things due to their current smile.

Would you like a bright white smile for the holidays?

If so, here a few fast procedures that could prove helpful.

Covina Whitening Treatment

Sometimes a blemish or two can show up on your smile that will not go away with normal brushing.  In such cases, a good whitening treatment is especially helpful.  Dr. Rosales can give you an in-office whitening procedure or give you a set of take home whitening trays.  A dental consultation will help you to match the benefits of either solution with your needs.

Quick Veneers

Even major dental issues like discolored, fractured, or broken teeth can be address in a dental visit or two before the holidays!  Dental veneers can cover some of the worst dental problems and provide you with an absolutely astounding smile.  What is more dental veneers last quite a while and can be used a tax deductible item when it addresses medical dental need.  You could be doubly smile due to the beauty of your smile and the tax benefits you’ll reap in a month or two!

Straightening Your Smile

If you are dealing with crooked teeth, wide gaps, or crowding, there are ways to fix these without drawing attention to your smile with metal braces.  Procedures like Invisalign are perfect for gradually fixing such issues, while still being able to bear a good smile during the holidays.  A dental visit will be necessary to see if you are a good fit for Invisalign, so the sooner you schedule an appointment the better!

This holiday why not give yourself the gift of a beautiful smile now and enter the new year with renewed confidence!

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