Fixing Dental Dark Spots, Stains & Discolorations

Some of our first-time patients have been nervous or embarrassed about coming in to deal with dark spots on their teeth. Although such spots occur due to oral neglect, there is no reason to put off a dental visit. Doing so will only complicate the issue. At Arrow Smile Dental, Dr. Victor Rosales understands how to address dental blemishes of all types, and he can help you to restore your smile to its best condition. Call today to schedule an appointment. (626) 938-1236.

Understanding Different Dental Spots

Cleaning or addressing dental discolorations requires identifying which type they are. Check below for the kind of stain you are dealing with and its solution.


One of the primary sources of tooth discolorations is due to cavities. Cavities tend to form dark spot which is indicative of tooth decay. There are a variety of ways to treat cavities. Dr. Rosales will determine the best approach according to the severity of the cavity and its location.

Interior Stains

Many are not aware that some stains can take place inside of the tooth (causing unnatural tinting of tooth dentin). Interior (or intrinsic) stains occur due to a medical condition, consuming particular medications, or even exposure to high levels of fluoride. Teeth whitening procedures may only mask interior stain a little. It is often better to change medications or to use a cosmetic dental solution like veneers.

Surface Staining

Consuming certain amounts of alcohol, coffee, chocolate, and tea can lead to stains on tooth enamel. Another harmful agent is tobacco (especially oral types). Regular and meticulous oral hygiene can help to stave off some of these stains, but often a professional teeth whitening is required.


If you have ever experienced a traumatic mouth injury, there is a chance that dark spots can arise. Typically, these spots are blood that has entered to the tooth and has remained trapped. A root canal can fix this issue.

Regardless of your situation, it is best to visit a dentist who can correctly identify the problem and use the best treatment to fix it. If you need assistance, we are always her to help.

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