Instructions on How to Properly Clean Your Dentures

Dentures only last about 5 to 8 years before needing replacement due to the everyday wear and tear that teeth endure.

Without health insurance, the average price of dentures can be anywhere from $1300 to upwards of $3000. They’re not cheap!

With proper care, your dentures stand a good chance of living a longer life, and you’ll be able to save thousands.

In this article, we’ll explore the best way to clean your dentures, from removing plaque to brushing frequency.

Cleaning After Food

After every meal or snack, you should carefully remove your dentures to give them a quick clean. It’s important to make sure that any loose particles are removed. This will not only help your dentures last longer, but it will keep your gums healthy and comfortable.

Be sure to clean your mouth and gums while your dentures are out. Using a soft brush so as not to cause harm makes for happy gums and fresh breath.

If you’re in a rush, it’s ok to simply rinse and run, but be sure to give them a full brush as soon as possible.

Brushing and Flossing Daily

If you did have to rinse and run throughout the day, make sure you properly brush and floss your dentures, and use a soft brush on your gums, at least once a day.

There are many different denture care products available, but simply choose a nonabrasive denture cleanser and a soft-bristle brush that fit your budget.

Soak your dentures in the cleanser using the instructions on the package and then take your toothbrush to them to remove any remaining debris.

How to Remove Plaque From Dentures

The plaque shouldn’t be a major issue when proper daily brushing and denture cleaning is done. However, if some of the pesky substance does appear, a soft brush taken to the areas should fix the problem.

If the soft brush doesn’t work for any reason, or it causes too much wrist strain, consider investing in an ultrasonic denture cleaner that vibrates away plaque and other debris.

How to Remove Tartar from Dentures

Plaque that builds up and hardens is known as tartar. It’s more difficult to remove from dentures than plaque and a typical toothbrush will not do the job. If you do find a build-up of tartar, it’s best to have it removed by a dental professional before the problem worsens as it could lead to gingivitis.

Soak Your Dentures Overnight

Dentures need to stay moist in order to maintain their shape and keep a comfy fit in your mouth. Soak your dentures overnight in a glass of water or a mild denture cleanser solution. It’s best to check with your dentist for their recommendation as dentures differ in material and may last longer with certain substances.

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