Getting Kids Past Dental Fears

Dental visits can be nerve racking for some adults. Since that is the case, what about children? Kids can find dental offices to be uncomfortably strange. Even with their parents there, they could be put of by all of the unknown instruments surrounding them. Additionally, having a complete strager look inside your mouth can be offseting for anyone.

Below are some suggestions that have proven to be helpful to many parents that visit our dental office. Arrow Smile Dental works with children of all ages.

Tips to Help Your Kids Overcome Dental Fears

Tip 1: Get Them Used To Dental Visits

One the best ways to acclimate your childrenĀ to dental visits is by starting this process early. Dental research shows that children should begin regular dental visits after their first tooth erupts. This not only helps them to have healthier teeth, but it also enables them to get familiar with dentists, the tools they use, and the dental office.

Tip 2: Choose A Good Child Friendly Dentist

Some dentists gear their practices to adults. You can tell this by the setup of their office and how the staff addresses children. Since most dentists offer free tours of their facilities, try visiting an office and take your child along. Take care to see how your child interacts with the staff and their overall comfort level.

Tip 3: Always Stay Positive

Children often follow the example of their parents. Hence, if you have a negative opinion of dental visits your child may adopt your view. Therefore, make going the dentist exciting and positive. It could help your child have a better attitude about their next visit. You can also reinforce a recent dental visit with positive words.

At Arrow Smile Dental, we go the extra mile to reduce dental fear in children by being kind, educating them about proper hygiene, and helping them to feel secure. Dr. Victor Rosales, has worked with thousands of children over his career and enjoys helping them to feel at home at Arrow Smile Dental.

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