Don’t Forget To Floss During The Holidays

During the holidays’ many people will introduce more to their diets.  There are a variety of seasonal foods and treats which are quite tasty but can lead to more cavities.  Although brushing and mouth washing is very important, flossing is a cleaning measure that vastly improves oral hygiene.


A vast number of American do not floss.  The team at Arrow Smile Dental encourages you to remember to floss this holiday season.  Here are a few tips to help.

Remember Why It Is Important To Floss

When you eat food naturally enters between teeth.  It is easy for meat and other food particles to get trap between your teeth.  Brushing alone does not remove these left-over foods.  Why?  The bristles of a toothbrush are not able to force trapped foods from teeth.  Additionally, it is impossible to angle the brush to use its bristles between certain teeth.  Flossing helps you to remove these food particles.

Try Different Floss Types

If one type of floss does not work for you, try another.  There are several types including ribbon, flavored, waxed and un-waxed.  Experimenting with several floss types will help you to learn which is easiest for you.  If you are still having problems with getting used to a flossing technique, you may want to try flossers which have handles.

Flossing Alternatives

It is best to floss, but if you just can’t get the hang of it and need another solution, you can try water flossers.  They are much more expensive than floss.  However, their water propulsion systems send streams of water between teeth with enough pressure to remove trapped food.

When food remains in between teeth, it becomes an energy source to cavity-causing bacteria.  Removing this food is critical to preventing short & long-term dental problems.  During our dental exam and cleanings, we help patients to locate problem spots in their oral hygiene regimens.  We also teach the best techniques in brushing and flossing.

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