Dental Implants That Change Lives

Having a missing tooth affects more than your appearance. Many of our dental implant patients tell us of the difficulties they had eating and drinking before their procedure. Are you very careful of how you eat foods, worried about not biting in such a way that harms an exposed gum? Or are you less confident of your smile or ashamed to laugh without covering your mouth? Then you will definitely benefit from a dental implant procedure at Arrow Smile Dental. Dr. Rosales helps patients with missing teeth restore their smile with the latest dental technologies. A call to (626) 938-1236 could change your life.

Ceramic Dental Implants

Dentists use ceramic dental tooth molds that mimicked natural teeth. At Arrow Smile Dental we can produce these restorations in a single visit via CEREC technologies.  However, one noticeable flaw in old implants is that the titanium base can often be seen through the ceramic. Because the ceramic is cut so thin and resembles natural tooth so well, it captures the titanium root’s color.  The implant sometimes has a grayish or silver undertone.

Now there are ceramic bases that fix that problem.  Back in 2007, the FDA approved metal free zirconia ceramic implants and they have improved significantly. They are extremely strong and their construction works against chipping or fracture.  Patients can confidently bite, chew, and maintain their teeth without worry after the implant treatment.

The Procedure

Patients receiving a dental implant will only need an hour or two for the procedure.  After the surgery, one can expect some mild bleeding with the gums heal around the implant.  The procedure should always be performed by a licensed dentist. You can schedule an appointment with Arrow Smile Dental by calling (626) 938-1236 or filling out our online appointment form.

  1. Elizabeth Darden says:

    Ceramic Dental Implants is a very common process now in days. Your smile gives your appearance a life of focus. The dental implant patients always have their quarries about the post implant problems like bleeding, pain etc. but after these procedure patients can bite, chew with confidence. The whole surgery will be done by a licensed dentist so there is nothing about to worry. Thank you.

  2. Brian Leibowitz says:

    Great read, and I’ll reiterate the comment that was said above. It is very easy to do by a professional dentist and the procedure would simply just make things better for you. Better smile, ability to chew properly and comfortably.

  3. Wow, I really like that dental implants look exactly like your natural teeth. Now that we have a ceramic base that can be used, I’ll definitely look into getting implants for myself. Since I have a couple of chipped teeth, I’d definitely replace them with an implant.

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