Coffee, Your Teeth & Your Health

If you have ever received a warning from your dentist that coffee can stain teeth, your dentist is giving you correct information. However, there is an upside to drinking a daily cup of joe. The 54-percenters, (yes about 54% of Americans over 18 drink coffee daily) who drink coffee could significantly decrease their risks of getting mouth and throat cancer.  According to the American Journal of Epidemiology (J. Hildebrand, 2012, American Journal of Epidemiology), people who drink over 4 cups of coffee per day cut their risk in half to develop these diseases compared to those who did not drink coffee and occasional drinkers.

So cheers to hot cup of coffee!  Nevertheless, you should still take proper step to prevent coffee from blemishing your smile.

Continue Drinking Coffee & Protect Your Teeth

Although drinking coffee (and tea) can present some scenarios that can cause damage to your teeth, there are some easy habits that you can incorporate to protect your teeth.

  • DRINK WATER during or after enjoying your coffee. Doing so flushes away much of the sugar and chemicals that can damage enamel.  Having a bottle of room temperature water will help to keep you hydrated while not drastically changing the temperature of what you are drinking.
  • BRUSH AT LEAST TWICE A DAY to prevent excessive staining from occurring.  Keeping a good routine of vigorous brushing helps to catch stains before they are able to set.
  • STAYING CURRENT ON DENTAL CHECK-UPS will allow your dentist to help you get rid of hard stains.  A light polish may be all it takes to remove a pesky stain that has appeared.

Winter traditionally raises coffee consumption, while lowering dental health.  Don’t let the combination of cold weather, good coffee, and rich holiday foods ruin your smile.  Schedule a dental appointment  in between the holidays to keep your teeth looking there best.  Arrow Smile Dental specializes in root canals, family dentistry, crowns, and emergency dental services. If you would like to or have questions about a procedure, feel free to contact us.

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