Affordable Dentures

No one enjoys tooth loss.  However, affordable dentures do provide a viable solution to multiple tooth loss due to decay or accident—if they are affordable.  Are you searching for dentures that won’t put a permanent dent in your bank account?  If so, visit Arrow Smile Dental.  We pride ourselves on giving our patients the best options in dentures without compromising service. Dr. Rosales is passionate about helping patients obtain beautiful, health smiles and has built a dental practice that is truly interested in serving the community.  Are you ready to get your new smile?  You can schedule an appointment with us by calling (626) 938-1236.

How Dentures Work

There are a number of dentures types, but they essentially perform the same function.  All dentures help to keep muscle tissues from sagging, improve the profile of the mouth, and enable chewing.  Partial dentures are used to fit between natural teeth that are healthy.  They help to keep teeth aligned and protect against gum damage when eating.  Full or conventional dentures completely replace teeth and fit over the gums.  In some cases, overdentures are used when there are teeth that are healthy enough to remain.  During your dental examination, we will give you the details about which denture types are best suited for you.

Best Covina Dentures

Affordable dentures do not mean that they are subpar.  Arrow Smile Dental uses top grade materials for every denture type.  When we issue dentures, the aim is to give each patient a comfortable fit, a long-lasting dental solutions, and a beautiful smile.  If that is what you are seeking, then you’ll love what we will do for you.  Are you ready to see yourself in your new dentures?  Call or fill out an online request to make an appointment with us today.  We accept insurances of a wide variety.

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